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Josh uses his backgrounds of jazz and rock, mixed with his formal education in classical guitar and music theory to create a teaching method that works. You will learn the basics of reading music, playing chords, strumming, soloing, and much more all through the use of your favorite songs! Josh uses his 10 years of lesson experience to determine a lesson plan that will work for you specifically. Whether you are looking for a fun outlet, or you are preparing for a college guitar audition he has successfully taught everyone in between.


Josh began his guitar career as an electric guitarist playing everything from classic rock, to reggae with various bands. Over the years his playing evolved to focus on jazz, and then later on classical guitar. It is this depth of experience that allows Josh to teach you a wide range of styles including:

   -Classical     -Jazz

   -Rock            -Blues

   -Funk            -R&B

   -Reggae        -Fingerstyle

   -Folk              -And Many Others

Josh has taught everyone from beginners to advanced classical guitarists, covering a massive variety of styles.


Throughout my 13 years of teaching, I have taught students from the ages of 3 all the way up to 75, and everything in between. A majority  of students however, are between the ages of 8 and 15, and I approach this age group with a different approach than that of adults.


My lessons with younger students focus on learning in a way that is fun for the student, through the use of various musical games and activities. It is important for the student to have fun, yet at the same time be pushed just enough that they learn to overcome musical problems. I feel that the most important musical skill that I can pass on to younger students is the skill of being able to practice and problem solve at home. They can employ this type of problem solving in all aspects of their life, and they will get better at guitar at the same time!

I have extensive experience with adult students as well, who have a distinctly different set of needs to that of younger students. Whether you are an adult who has never touched a guitar, or you have played for years and would like a push in a new direction, I can help you reach your guitar goals. Whether you are looking for basic beginning guitar experience, someone to jam with and give you pointers on soloing, or an intense session explaining music theory, I am confident that I can help you with all of your musical needs. 


  • Guitar

          -Classical Guitar (Nylon)


          -Acoustic Guitar (Steel String)

  • Ukulele

  • Bass

  • Music Theory

  • Composition/Songwriting



At Josh's Home Studio (Flagstaff)

1 Hour                                  $75

For information about scheduling please contact me at

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